GBK is a magical place where you can eat burgers & enjoy rewards of free burgers, milkshakes & sides on every other visit.

To welcome you, we'll load a free homemade Baconnaise sauce on to your app. Try it! It's our favourite!

Our host of meaty features include:


Earn a stamp on each visit. Spend €9 or more, present your customer I.D. when ordering and the stamp appears. Visit the Challenge section of your app to see your step-by-step stamp card, showing your progress towards your rewards - free burgers, milkshakes & sides!


Burger Pusher

Refer a friend to our app, by sending a special someone your unique code in the Burger Pusher section of your app. And you’ll both get a free side! Wow, what a great friend you are! (Sure, sure, you also get a free side when they do it, but you’re really doing it for them, right?) Yup, it’s our ‘Burger Pusher’ offer, designed to get you both eating free stuff. 


Up for a challenge? Take us on & we'll reward you generously! Shakemeister, Traveller & more, all help you get delicious rewards and feel like you've earned them!